Your ipv4 network runs great so far. But you may heard about that ipv4 address exhaustion crisis, and your boss may ask you to look at this ipv6 new thing. So where to start? Google it up and you may find quite a few interesting things, like 6to4, 6over4, 6in4, NAT64, NAT444, ISATAP, Teredo, just name a few. Enough to get confused? We were quite confused then, and even today. But anyway, we only need is an up and running ipv6 network, aren't we?

6VM is a simple way to get it done. (We didn't say it is the only way though.) Most technical details have been wrapped up in some way thus hidden to users. Follow a quick guide, you may get your network into ipv6 world in less than 30 minutes. The end result is computers in your LAN (so far only windows computers have been tested) are able to browse ipv6 sites such as In other words, your network is ready for ipv6 fun.